At Trevor's busy practice in Mannum during the years 2000-2002 whenever any client mentioned day to day problematic issues more likely stemming from ‘hormonal’ imbalances, they were immediately invited to be part of his trial study for developing hormonal treatment moves. These client cards were in a group of their own, and he documented the moves and adjustments he was doing, the client’s reactions/results and especially the duration of improvement. To the best of my memory, in 2003 and 2004 less and less amendments to the treatment moves were being made, because positive consistency outcomes were taking place.

In 2003 and 2004, he began documenting the treatment moves into the beginnings of a manual which could be taught to, and used by other Bowen practitioners for treating and helping their clients. In 2003 great joy and happiness was celebrated when what is often now referred to as a Bowen baby, was the very first, to a mother who was ...............

Knowing that supportive evidence and proof is needed and of course demanded by us all, being able to provide such ‘scientific evidence’ has a price tag that only multinationals in the health industry can afford. During 2004-2005, Trevor asked 100 of his ‘trial study’ clients to complete an evaluation of their treatment results. Whilst a sample of 100 may not be statistically considered the best indicator of results, he felt it did provide a fair sample for what was affordable. Also genuine testimonials that verified the benefits his patients had received were much appreciated and were proof of treatment outcomes.

Informing other South Australian Bowen trained practitioners of his work commenced by invitation in Adelaide 2005. Probably due to its extreme difference from most other Bowen training courses of the day, it was welcomed, created much ongoing interest and in demand from practitioners who were unable to join those first introductory sessions.

Perhaps the enormity of what he started wasn’t fully realized until interstate interest began a demand for learning this new work, often as a result of our semi retired caravanning holidays. During most of these holidays, Trevor would touch base with local Bowen practitioners in an area or town we were visiting. Knowing that he was unlikely to return to that particular part of Australia, and also his own limitations for teaching, he invited a Bowen colleague who had previously taught other Bowen courses, to become involved with teaching ‘Hormonal Release the Bowen Way, nationally. In 2013 his work is still being taught nationally, and will soon be heading overseas to classes in England and Europe.

Athalie Rose 2013