History of “Hormonal Release - the Bowen Way”

Mr. Tom Bowen (1916-1982) created and developed this unique form of advanced body work after the Second World War, in his home town of Geelong, Victoria. With it he revolutionized the methods of treatment of physical ailments. He taught his system to a very small number of therapists. After his death in 1982, some schools were established for teaching various interpretations of Tom’s ‘magical therapy’.

Trevor Rose lived in Mannum, a small country town 100 km east from Adelaide, South Australia. He was a physio masseur and had been practicing the Bowen Technique from 1992. Trevor’s wife Athalie was diagnosed with breast cancer in 1999. The drug tamoxifin was part of her treatment and her body totally rejected it, giving the effect of an overdose.

A friend who is a gynaecologist, her cancer surgeon and Trevor, developed a treatment to stimulate hormones. This treatment was very successful for Athalie and led him to develop other treatment moves for varying conditions.

Trevor’s research revealed that the late Tom Bowen, upon whose techniques Trevor built, used similar procedures and achieved very good results. This was told to him by a client of Tom’s who described the treatment by putting their hands in and around positions on the body as she remembered being treated.

From 2001 Trevor very successfully worked in conjunction with some local practitioners and developed and expanded the technique to include procedures for a variety of hormonal issues based on client information and Tom Bowen’s technique of addressing specific problems.

Trevor had a strong passion for his work and would welcome enquiries, comments, anecdotes and recommendations to help further the use of this safe, natural and very effective therapy. Trevor strongly believed that helping each other makes us stronger and better practitioners.