Information for practitioners

NB: BTFA & BAA CPE points apply

If you are a Therapist or Practitioner wishing to enhance your skills and offer new hope to men and women alike then this two day workshop is a must for you.

This brilliant work by the late Trevor Rose from South Australia is a series of procedures for re-balancing aspects of the reproductive system. Using selective Bowen Therapy moves and moves developed by Trevor, this course will enable you to lift your therapies to greater heights.

No extreme force is used, so any pain is minimised. Instead the client will feel the practitioner’s fingers and thumbs gently moving muscles and other soft tissues back into their correct state. The average treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, although the first treatment will take longer because of the need for a thorough assessment of the client’s condition. Please note that due to the nature of the hormonal issues, some moves are performed around the groin area, eg. pubic bone, ischial and ramus areas etc, and it is important that clients are made aware of this before treatment is conducted.

The holistic approach of Bowen Therapy has been proven to be very valuable in treating many Hormonal disorders.

Hormonal Release the Bowen Way is used for addressing many symptoms of the reproductive and neurological systems for both Men and Women. Therefore it goes to the very source of the problem.

You and the client may feel a release taking place immediately, however the full effect of the treatment may take a little while. A couple of follow up treatments is usually all that is needed to stabilise the initial corrections, although this will depend on the presenting problem. We all know and would love to be able to help some of the following:

  • Menstrual Pain
    • Period pain need no longer be endured. You will be able to help regulate their periods, reduce clotting and lessen the pain associated with periods.
  • Fertility
    • Fertility difficulties, Pregnancy support and management, birth preparation & easing of delivery can be greatly assisted.
  • Menopause
    • Hot flushes – Mood swings – irregular periods – vaginal dryness – night sweats – loss of libido can all be treated with "Hormone Release the Bowen Way".
  • Bladder problems
    • Incontinence for Men and women, and Children with “Bed Wetting” problems.
  • Enlarged prostate
    • For men who have been diagnosed with an enlarged prostate or having to get up two or three times a night to go to the toilet and a loss of libido – two or three treatments have given these sufferers an improved quality of life.