Information for practitioners

Ron Phelan Ron Phelan

RMT, Dip. Bowen.Cert. NST. Dip. Teaching, Dip. Eng.Hon. MBTPA. Inductee WMF Hall of Fame. 2014.

Based in the Geelong region of
Australia, Ron is a Remedial based
therapist, trained in bodywork techniques as well as the MORA bio-electronic analysis and treatment. He trained in Bowen Technique© in 1996 and then in 1998 “Neuro-Structural Integration Technique ©” (NST) a later development of the Bowen style. He also holds diplomas in teaching and electronic engineering.

During his career, he has had contact with many people directly related to Mr. Bowen, patients, students and family having treated many of these. He currently specializes in assessment, TMJ and Hormonal based work.

Ron has taught massage techniques and
associated health subjects in private and government based trainings institutions in Australia. This experience set the “ground work” for his passion for the “Bowen” style of bodywork. Since his first teachings of
Bowen in 2001, he has now presented
courses and lectures in all 5 continents and over 20 countries worldwide.

Madeline McBride Madeline McBride

MASc, P.Eng., CBP

Madeline became a Certified
Bowenwork Practitioner in 2013, and
practices in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa, Ontario. Bowen Therapy is her second career after retiring from the Canadian federal government. Her responsibilities as a civil engineer and manager of marketing and technical programs at Natural Resources Canada and National Research Council Canada included project management, organizing workshops and an international conference, developing adult training
materials, and giving presentations across Canada.

Madeline is interested in contributing to Bowen Therapy research. She completed a case-series research study in 2018 and aims to organize a multi-practitioner case-series study on the use of Bowen Therapy and HRBW to support fertility.

David J. Howells David J. Howells

DC (OCC). Cert.Ed. MAMCST. Hon. MBTPA.

David Howells was born in South Wales and grew up on his family's farm. He initially began his career in agricultural engineering. Qualifying as a teacher in 1979, he went on to lecture in agricultural and further education colleges.

After he sustained a number of physical
injuries from rugby and aikido, David began to seek alternative treatments to orthodox medicine and initially found relief through Chiropractic treatment. This approach intrigued him, as such led to a change in direction resulting in him successfully qualifying as a Chiropractor.

In 1994 David's career path diversified again when he trained in The Bowen Technique. He was impressed by Bowen's methodology and results, which alleviated a whole host of physical problems ranging from acute injuries to chronic and long standing conditions.

In 2002, David trained and qualified in the Neurostructural Integration Technique (NST) which, he now uses extensively alongside Bowen and Chiropractic in his busy natural
healthcare clinic.

He has previously taught both Bowen based techniques and brings decades of clinical experience to the teaching of the Hormonal course.

Ana Krajnc Ana Krajnc

Physiotherapist, Bowen therapist, B.C.S.T., spec. In orthopaedic medicine Born in Maribor, Slovenija, with her own private practice in Videm – Dobrepolje, Slovenia.

Ana finish study of physiotherapy in 2007 in University of Ljubljana and started to work in public health care system (hospital, Health care centre Grosuplje). From October 2016 she has her own private clinic.
Soon after finishing study on university, she started CPD on her field and beyond. First with Biodynamic craniosacral therapy study in London (2010-2012) and Bowen therapy in Ljubljana.
She became certified Bowen practitioner in 2011, a Certified Biodynamic Craniosacral therapist in 2012, a Tutor for Bowen therapy in 2019.
CPD for physiotherapy she continues on area of Dry needling, orthopaedic medicine (become specialist in 2023), different manual techniques, Applied kinesiology …
From 2012 she also works on are of Myofunctinonal therapy, from 2023 is also Instructor Buteyco breathing technic. Her speciality is a Temporo-mandibular disorder for which treatment she collaborates with different clinics in Slovenia and UK.
Ana has a passion for using the Hormonal work in her busy practice and will teach in the Slovenia, Serbia and associated countries in that region.